What is it that makes performing at Hot Property so addictive?

This year B & M Installations are proud to be sponsoring the Nottingham Hot Property event and are thrilled to have two of its employees taking part, Leah Stead (singing) and Dan Belfield (drums).

Here, our Leah Stead explains what it is that keeps pulling her back each year to perform on that stage and why it’s such an important event to be involved in…..


It’s my third year performing at Hot Property, does it get any easier you ask? – no not really! But do I love it? – yes absolutely, and here’s why!

What’s it like being part of Hot Property?

It all starts early in the year, when that first email goes around announcing that year’s theme, the chosen charity and asking for song suggestions and willing victims (whoops I mean volunteers) to perform. I am only joking; I actually love it when the time comes, and we find out the big plan for the event.

After hours of YouTube searching, asking friends for ideas and random searches on music streaming sites, I put a couple of song options forward and wait anxiously to see which song I might be singing at the event.

Then out of the blue the email lands from the Hot Property committee, setting out song allocations, rehearsal schedules, key dates and musicians and just like that, Hot Property is in full swing.

Cue playing your song on repeat constantly for the next couple of months and singing along to a backing track at any opportunity you get. Then all of sudden summer is ending and September arrives, and with it the Hot Property rehearsals begin!

Let’s start at the very beginning

I remember my very first rehearsal, the theme that year was Movies, and I’d chosen to do Can’t Fight the Moonlight from Coyote Ugly. I’d practiced and practiced before the rehearsal, and knew the words like the back of my hand.

I’ve always enjoyed performing, growing up I was a member of a dance school and took part in shows annually, singing and dancing to a theatre full of people, so getting on stage in front of a crowd has never really phased me. Yet, there I was at the Octave Rooms, waiting to go in for my turn, feeling completely out of my comfort zone. As the door opened and Kate (the Music Director) shouted “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” I just remember feeling a mixture of nerves, excitement and having a complete memory block….. ‘how does the song start?’ As soon as I was in the room though, Kate made me feel welcome, she calmed my nerves immediately, the band started to play and it was great.

And so it begins……

Fast forward a couple of years, and I’m taking part in my third Hot Property. The nerves still get to me on that first rehearsal, and this year was no exception. I’m singing Tiffany’s, I Think We’re Alone Now this time, a song I remember singing and dancing to a lot growing up, so I’m really excited to perform.

We rehearse for just over two months for Hot Property, a combination of allocated rehearsal times with your band, extra rehearsal slots for tracks that need it and group and dress rehearsals at the venue before the main event. You really do get to know all the Hot Property team well, and you feel like a family by the time the event comes round.

Why do it?

There is nothing quite like getting on that stage and performing. The crowd are always amazing and the friendships you make along the way are priceless.

The last event I performed at I believe there were 700 people in the crowd, which is phenomenal and a little scary. The beauty about a Hot Property event is that everyone is there to support each other. The reason for the event happening is to raise money for a deserving charity, so the crowd are always so encouraging. It’s tough getting on that stage and performing to a room full of fellow property professionals, but once you are up there, the music starts and the crowd starts cheering, any nerves you had just slip away, and before you know it your song is over and you want to do it all over again.

Hot Property has raised over £270,000.00 for charities over the previous 14 years, with last year being it’s highest to date reaching a massive £19,000 raised! This year’s chosen charity is Marcellus Baz, founder of Switch-up and its sister organisation The Nottingham School of Boxing, a charity that aims to keep young people away from crime through positive physical engagement and mentoring. I’m so proud to be involved in this event, and to do what I can to help support this worthy cause.

I can’t wait to see how this year’s event turns out, but I know it will be another smash hit!

Nottingham Hot Property’s 15th Anniversary event takes place on Thursday 21st November at Pryzm nightclub at 6pm to 11.30pm. All proceeds raised from the event will be donated to Switch Up.