Our Projects

Our reputation for high-quality workmanship and extensive experience within the property sector has meant we’ve worked with some of the most prestigious names in education, retail and commercial organisations in the UK and abroad. Take a look at some of our completed projects.

Raleigh Park – Quiet Room

The ‘Quiet Room’ at Raleigh park student accommodation is a place where students can get their heads down and study either in groups or individually without having to go into the library on campus.

The room caters for a variety of different needs with quiet individual study pods at the back of the room, more open group discussion style bench seating in the middle, and informal lounge and café style seating closest to the entrance of the room. The refurbishment works created a bright and organized room with a calm colour palette where the different functions and spaces of the room can easily be identified through the changes in the flooring layout.

Birdhouse Café

Birdhouse Café was created with the intention to be Nottingham’s first plastic free and cashless café. With their aim of keeping it local, the café is focused on collaborating with successful local brands to bring coffee and food to their customers.

The Café itself was designed in a way that it would provide a bright and welcoming atmosphere where people can enjoy their morning coffee, their lunch or can work in a peaceful atmosphere during the day. The style is minimalistic and industrial which is achieved through the concrete floor and the ribbed metal bar with a timber bar top which is the focal point of the space. While the focus of the space is industrial, there is a sense of warmth which is achieved using wooden elements, pastel colours and plants that are dotted around the café. There is plenty of natural light courtesy of the floor to ceiling windows covering the façade of the building complete with window ledges and high stools making it a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the hustle of the city. Alternatively, there are soft seating options towards the back of the café and wooden tables of various sizes dotted around for people to sit and take in their surroundings. Additionally, the café has a small space where small start-up craft, and art brands can showcase their work further echoing the café’s commitment to support the local community.

University of Nottingham – C33

Over the summer we were tasked with the refurbishment of some of the teaching facilities at Queen’s Medical Centre for the University of Nottingham’s Medical School. The idea behind this project was to update the existing classrooms in order to create a more open and flexible teaching facility that would benefit both the students and staff. Keeping in line with the university’s colour scheme we came up with a flooring layout that allowed the space to be used on a large scale or on a smaller scale where the room can be converted into three smaller class rooms with the use of movable wall systems making the space easily adaptable to different teaching requirements. To complete the transformation, the long bench systems were swapped out for hexagonal tables which allows more movement around the space hence further encouraging the open and flexible teaching style that the university was aiming for.

Birkin Building Number 12 Broadway

This project was a unique one for us as we worked alongside both the landlord and the tenant at the same time. We were tasked to transform this prestigious listed building, a former night club, situated in the heart of Nottingham’s Lace Market, into a new and trendy office space. While following the client’s brief and delivering a functional and modern office we also worked alongside the landlords to keep some reminders of the building’s previous life alive. The result was a unique blend of old and new coexisting side by side, offering the clients plenty of open plan office space for their expanding business and reminding them of the building’s past lives at the same time.

B&M Installations NG2 Business Park

NG2 Business park – Unit 18

Located within the prestigious NG2 Business Park, our client wanted to carry out a Cat A refurbishment before bringing in a new tenant into the space. With an intricate carpet layout and a coordinated colour scheme, we created a high-end contemporary space that feels bright and spacious at the same time.

University of Nottingham – Aerospace

With the end of the academic year around the corner, the University of Nottingham enlisted our help in refurbishing and bringing life back into one of their teaching rooms at the Faculty of Engineering and we did just that. The new and improved teaching facility is sure to give the ‘wow factor’ in the fall when lectures are back in session with brand new flooring, decorations works through the space which includes a stunning new feature wall, and brand new furniture to complement the new interior.

University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus, Business School Foyer - B&M Installations

University of Nottingham – Business School Foyer

Taking inspiration from the tranquil surroundings of Jubilee Campus we created a stylish and welcoming foyer where students can relax and prepare while waiting for their lectures. With plenty of soft seating as well as study spots the space can easily be adapted to be used for different purposes which is an important criterion given the location and how frequently the space is going to be used. Given the modern architectural style of the building, we focused on keeping the design simple and easy to navigate which we have achieved with a striking carpet layout that helps to guide people through the space.

University of Nottingham Faculty of Engineering - B&M Installations

University of Nottingham – Faculty of Engineering

In the Summer of 2016, we teamed up with the University of Nottingham to complete a full refurbishment and fit out for the University’s Faculty of Engineering. The works in included the replacement of the existing carpets, the creation of new wall graphics that reflect the Engineering department’s colour scheme, and a new layout in order to encourage collaboration and an efficient work environment for both students and teachers alike.

University of Nottingham Staff Room - B&M Installations

University of Nottingham – Staff Room

In the summer of 2016, the University of Nottingham approached us to help with a small refurbishment project for some of their Staff Rooms in the L2 building. With keeping in line with the University’s colour guide, we created comfortable and stylish rooms using different shades of blue for the carpet, blinds as well as the furniture. Each room has a different wall graphic in order to give the rooms their own unique identities.