Everything you need to know about our Interior Designer, Eszter Kiss

Interior Design is at the heart of any fit-out Company, and here at B & M Installations we have welcomed a fabulous Junior Interior Designer to our Team. Eszter Kiss joined B & M Installations in July 2019, and has brought with her some exciting design ideas, but we wanted to find out more about Eszter and just what attracted her to B & M Installations and the world of interior design.

We sat down with Eszter for a quick chat, and here’s what she had to say……

Give us a bit of background about you and your journey to working for B&M

I am originally from Hungary, but I have been brought up in Singapore. I have two younger sisters (Anna and Flora) and a big fluffy tuxedo cat (Milo) who I love to bits. I have recently graduated from NTU. As part of the course I did a year’s placement with a D&B firm in London which I really enjoyed but when it was time to look for jobs, I knew that I wanted to stay in the Midlands and preferably in Nottingham, as I consider Nottingham my home now and this way I can be closer to my sister Flora who is just starting University in York.

Why did you decide to study Interior Design and Architecture?

In school I had an interesting subject combination as I did the IB Diploma Programme rather than A Levels. As a result, I was studying Higher Level Literature, History and Visual Arts and Standard Level Math, Biology and Spanish, this left me not really knowing where to go next, so after talking to my art teacher who had her own interior design company I decided to look into it more and after spending a couple of weekends with her I got really interested in design, and I figured it is a degree that can open quite a few doors in the future even if I didn’t necessarily want to go into interior design at the end of it.

What first attracted you to B&M?

The small family style atmosphere. I was only really looking at small companies where I knew that even as a junior designer, I would have a significant say in the design of the projects because at larger companies I would have been shoved into a corner and would have been treated as a “CAD Monkey”.

What type of projects are you most looking forward to being involved in?

I consider myself quite a creative person and hence I am really looking forward to projects where I can be a bit more creative, a bit quirkier and a bit freer with my design choices.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love curling up with a good book especially when the weather is horrible or experimenting in the kitchen both in terms of cooking and baking.

I used to swim competitively for a couple of years when I was younger, and I still go to the pool now and again just to unwind with a couple of laps but at a much more relaxed pace than before.

I love traveling, exploring new places with my camera in hand.