Never underestimate a good office fit-out

Office interior design plays a critical role in a company’s productivity – Graham gives his top tips for creating a space that will inspire staff

Never underestimate a good office fit-out
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See the light

The value of a good working space and high-quality office fit-out is often under appreciated. Lighting for example makes a huge difference to an office space. We always recommend LED lighting as it prevents glare on computer screens. Incorrect lighting can lead to eye strain and headaches and have a big impact on the mood of the room generally.

Office Fit-outs

Give me a break

We’re seeing a surge in demand for break-out spaces now – giving staff an area to wind-down away from their desks. The break out area will often include TVs and sofas or even games such as a dart board or pool table to help staff relax during break times. In addition to break-out spaces, we’re also receiving requests for ‘think-spaces’ and are creating rooms that have washable paint or glass partitions that you can doodle on, or even magnetic walls to pin up ideas – all with the aim to encourage creativity and collaborative work.

Interior Refurbishment

Make the most of your office space

Due to ever increasing rent costs, businesses are also making better use of existing space. From dwarf wall partitions to split rooms, to the use of bi-fold doors to close and expand the space available.

It’s a lot less common for us to build individual offices anymore, as they’re usually reserved for very senior individuals or those working on confidential tasks – but even then the office is normally made with at least one glass wall, giving a sense of privacy as well as metaphorical and physical transparency with senior team members.

Office Fit-outs

Make it modern

Open plan office fit-outs will normally include a vibrant feature wall as a point of interest. Although popular, white walls can be a little stark and get dirty quickly, but a pop of colour will create an engaging space to work in as well as adding a bit of personality.

A modern, fresh office fit-out is not only important for current staff, but will also leave a lasting impression on clients and prospective employees. The top talent won’t want to work for a company that looks stuck in the 90s, hosting meetings in a boardroom with magnolia walls and dim lighting. And clients want to employee businesses with personality, they want to walk into an office that’s buzzing with activity that looks modern and forward-thinking.